Your Country needs YOU!

The railways have defined our nation; over the past 90 years Britain has relied on rail.

It is an industry, which has stood the test of time, Mother Nature and 2 world wars. Huge sacrifices and great acts of heroism were performed by rail workers in the second world war effort including their vital part to ensuring the success of the Dunkirk evacuation where 327 special trains move tens of thousands of soldiers from Channel ports.

In 1994 it was the vision of the rail industry that delivered the Channel Tunnel connecting the UK to mainland Europe.

Today’s standing sees the rail industry embarking on its largest investment programme since Brunel, well over a century ago, with planned upgrades to the current national rail network including multi-million pound construction and engineering infrastructure projects. This investment will continue for the next twenty years as we enter an era of a construction and technological revolution.

The prospects for careers in the UK rail industry have never looked better.

Why join the rail industry?

The industry needs new skills; and more importantly, it needs people who are skilled leaders, who are decision makers, at all levels

Working in the rail industry is one of the country’s better-kept secrets. It’s a family affair; many people join the industry and then work in it for the rest of their lives. The type of work is as varied as you can imagine.

Rail is a national system covering the whole country, so just about every job imaginable, is available within the industry.

Whatever your interests or qualifications, a career in rail offers you opportunities, locations and variety unlike any other industry. Rail is an industry that contributes billions of pounds to the British economy and employs more than 200,000 people.

Rail literally has an A-Z of careers that gives you the ability to really design your career. Whether that is one chosen career path or to seek out a range of flexible and varying career pathways depending on your interests and ambitions.

The rail industry provides a wide range of career choices, from train drivers to tradespeople, from engineers to customer service representatives, from management to construction, from Finance and Law to Information Technology. There is a career to suit everyone.

Please take a look through our member organisations websites for companies who are recruiting NOW!

Please take a look through our member organisations websites for companies who are recruiting NOW!

Neil Robertson

Chief Executive
The National Skills Academy for Rail

Spectrum are a link up audited labour supplier and experts in recruitment for the railway. We specialise in all types of rail recruitment from site based labourers and Safety Critical through to Project Management and Technical recruitment.

PPS Rail are a dedicated possession planning company that provide access to the infrastructure for contractors to complete works, we supply possession, Train, SSOW planning, In addition to this PPS also supply safety critical staff to the rail industry from PTS to Engineering Supervisor.

Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company is the nation’s leading Social Enterprise.. It is our mission to create employment opportunities for ex-Forces personnel, allowing them to use the skills they learned in the Armed Forces while enabling them to maintain their independence in civilian life.

However as we’ve continued to grow the range of products and services that we offer, we’ve also expanded our support to people outside the Armed Forces community. As well as employing ex-service personnel, we now support people with disabilities and health conditions.

Network Training and Resource Solutions (ntrs) are dedicated to providing exceptional training in all aspects of rail telecommunications, power and signalling within an authentic and safe environment.
With our state of the art City and Guilds accredited National Training Academy (NTA) and EAL (Excellence in Achievement and Learning) approved assessment Centre, we offer a wide range of entry level through to complex ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke courses aimed at both individuals looking to further their careers and businesses intending to upskill their workforce.
We also deliver resettlement training for forces leavers on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Recruiting for Exceptional People

Are you interested in helping to lead a world class railway that delivers opportunity for people and business?

Rail Group is a single, integrated body established by the Department for Transport to take Britain’s railway into the future, and to put passengers at the heart of the journey.

Our remit includes huge infrastructure projects such as the Rail Franchising Programme, Intercity Express Programme, Thameslink and Crossrail.

Our People

Already with extensive experience in the Rail sector we are always looking for commercial, finance, PPM, policy, contract management, procurement and rail specialist professionals, with confidence in their expertise, who are focussed on delivering excellence. With strong leadership we develop the best talent and empower people from the outset.

We are confident that Rail Group is an Employer of choice and the ideal career destination for rail professionals.

Transport infrastructure skills strategy: building sustainable skills

Contains recommendations supporting the sustainable development of skills and the creation of 30,000 apprentices.


The Secretary of State for Transport appointed Terry Morgan CBE to develop a transport infrastructure skills strategy. The strategy contains recommendations for both government and industry to act on. It outlines the skills needed to deliver £61 billion in transport investment up to 2020. The recommendations include:

  • delivering on our ambition for 30,000 new apprenticeships over the next 5 years to 2020, reflecting the government’s overall apprenticeship target and funding from the proposed apprenticeship levy
  • ensuring the right mix of apprenticeships are on offer for the transport sector, including many at higher levels
  • meet the challenge of new technologies by upskilling the existing workforce
  • encouraging greater diversity in the workforce
  • promoting transport and engineering as a career of choice for the brightest and best, leading to using 2018 as a year to celebrate engineering

28 January 2016